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We could not detect a supported activity tracker route to capture.
This URL looks good, all set to capture the route!

Note: import from this data source is still experimental.
You may encounter issues with the imported route, please bear with us while this is being sorted out.

This URL doesn't look right, please double check and try again.
These Strava URL types are supported:
These AllTrails URL types are supported:
These RideWithGPS URL types are supported:
These Komoot URL types are supported:
These MapMyRide URL types are supported:
These Routes.CC URL types are supported:
These Relive.CC URL types are supported:
These Google Map URL types are supported:
These Garmin Connect URL types are supported:
These ViewRanger URL types are supported:

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What is a GPX file?

GPX is short for GPS Exchange: a data file format used to store and share GPS information.
It is supported by a variety of navigation apps and contains longitude + latitude location data.

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Why use GPX files?

Many activity trackers store your activity logs and dissuade users from exporting this data for backups, sharing, and further analysis.

You retain complete control of activity route data by downloading them as GPX files.

How do I view downloaded GPX files offline?

GPX file viewer apps (open source / free):

What do you have access to?

Only publicly available activity data can be captured: if you can see a map of the route you're interested in downloading (on a web browser in Incognito / Privacy mode), then we can fetch it. cannot access private activity data and private accounts / profiles.

How can I capture a private route?

You can choose to make your profile / activity public temporarily so that it can be captured. This is often done via account settings or per activity depending on the activity tracker.

Once the route is captured, you can revert your privacy setting to what was previously and the captured route will remain accessible via

How do I contact support?

You can email the support team for any requests, feedback, issues, or comments.

Routes from my activity tracker aren't recognized!

We aim to support all online activity trackers. Send us an email to let us know which ones we've missed or if you spot issues with supported activity trackers.

How come I don't see the routes I collected on other devices?

Collected routes are only stored on the device where the you clicked collect button. We made it so you can store this data completely locally to avoid forcing you to sign up for an account. does not support user accounts right now but once we do, you should be able to access your route collection across devices if logged in.